2021 Programme


January 1st New Years Day No meeting.


January 6th The showing of the 2020 WPF International with Peter Young, Salon Chairman. Hand in Competition No 4.


This has moved to January 7th 2022.

January 8th Day out, A linear walk from Chapel of Ease to Cwm Wendri Reservoir and around the res and back taking in the Goytre Valley. Meet at 8.45 AM.


January 9th Judging of the WPF Christmas Competition.


12th January Melbourn CC present Creative Composites Glenys Garnett up to ten members allowed. Let me know if you want to book a spot.Only four booked for this so far.


January 13th A editing evening with Jayne Libby AWPF,DPAGB,AFIAP.


This has moved to December 17th

January 15th Day out at Penwyllt meet at 10.00. Some members may meet earlier.


17th January new WPF competition 4 Mono 4 Colour pdi.


19th January, Melbourne CC present Chasing the light Kieran Metcalfe. Let me know if you want to book a spot. Only ten members allowed.


20th January: Muriel Binnie, Edinburgh CC,

ICM and Me.


This day has moved to June 25th

22nd January Day out walk to Y Gaer Roman Fort and a Bronze age hill fort this is about 7 miles. Meet at the Riverside Car Park Brecon. at 9.Am.


January 27th Competition No 4 Judge Catherine Knee, LRPS,AFIAP, Forest of Leistcestershire PS


This day has moved to March 12th

January 29th Day out at Llansteffan meet at 10.00 or earlier. There's the beach the castle and village to photograph.


2nd Feb Melbourn CC present The Way we Were Peter Bartlett. Let me know if you want a spot booked. Up to ten members allowed


February 3rd An evening with Amy Davies she is the Co Features editor with Amateur Photographer Magazine, Hand in competition No 5


February 5th Day out. Street Photography in Brecon. Park by the theatre car park. If this is cancelled it will be moved to April 9th.


February 10th Photos from North Wales, Alan Stokes, Gareth Martin. Gerald Henry and maybe more.


February 12th Day out Llangorse Lake and langasty Church Lunch at the White Stag Talybont. If this is cancelled wi) be moved to May 7th.


February 17th Odd Things, Diane Seddon ARPS BPE3* Cleethorpes CC


February 19th This has been moved to July 30th,

Day out at Shooting Reptiles in Bridgend. Also for those who want to do a Street shoot afterwards. Nige B choice.

So instead is Day at Laugharne.


Feb 21st Ace of Clubs PDI


February 22nd Committee Meeting.


23rd Feb Melbourn CC present On the Streets Alf Myers. Let me know if you want a spot booked. Up to ten allowed.


February 24th Competition No 5 Judge Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* Cleethorpes CC. This judging will be done by Zoom.


February 26th Day out Sgwd Eira meet in Penderryn at 9.45. This is a walk can be strenuous in places.


March 3rd My world of Photography Rory O connor AIPF AFIAP Blarney CC.


March 5th Day out Pendine Sands meet at 10.00


March 7th WPF AGM Closing date Welsh Salon.


March 10th Sri Lanka / Karunakone The Fishing Village.Tom Dee

Hand in Competition No 6


March 12th Day out at Llansteffan meet at 10.00 or earlier. There's the beach the castle and village to photograph.


March 17th AV Night with Sam Cheng.


March 19th Day out a walk to Sgwd Einon Gam this is if the river is low. It's about a mile past Sgwd Gwladys waterfall. and you have to cross the river 4 times I don't suggest wellies as the rocks can be slippery. So it boots and if you have gaiters and you will still get wet. Also on the way there is a Rocking stone that doesn't rock any more.


March 24th From Waves to printing David Straker Abergavenny CC


March 26th Day out at St Mary's Ruined Church at Tintern this is our first visit there meet at 10.00.


March 31st Competition No6 Judge Dave Russel Cardiff CC.


April 2nd Easter Friday Day out Members choice.


April 7th Never underestimate an old woman, Sally Sallett ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* Hand in Competition No 7


April 9th Day out at a walk from Rest Bay to Pink Bay. Meet at 10.00


April 14th Things that fly Wildlife and Aviation Carl Jones RPC.


April 16th Day out at Mach Loop.Paul W choice.


April 21st Show and Tell with Aberdare CC.


April 23rd Day out at Bleanavon this is a landscape shoot with some derelict buildings in the landscape. Or If St Fagans is open we will go there.


April 28th Competition No 7 Judge Peter Young, Cymru Monochrome and Cwmbran PS


April 30th Day out at Tenby


May 5th An evening with Suzanne Larcorte Slee.


May 7th Day out at A walk to Ilston Church from The Gower Inn. Meet at 10.00 this is a linear flat walk.


May 12th Creative Nature Photography - Jo Stephen.


May 14th Day out at Llanelly House this is booked.


May 19th AGM


May 21st Day out at Purton meet at 10.00 am or earlier.


May 26th The lost world of the Welsh Chapel - Louis Eveleigh.


May 28th Day out Street shoot at Abergavenny