Welcome to Afan Nedd CC 


We have reopened the club from September 2nd the programme will be run through zoom, Friday outings have restarted.

If you are interested in joining the club please use the contact page to find out more info.

St Theodore's Church, Port Talbot

17 Talbot Rd, Port Talbot

SA13 1LE

01639 883935

 We go out every Friday taking photos and in the summer months on a Wednesday night.

Officers of Afan nedd cc

 Chairman/ /External comp secretary - Gareth Martin

Acting Vice Chairman, Alan Stokes

Acting General Secretary, Dave Brown

Treasurer/Acting Internal Competition Secretary, Heather Roper

Web Officer, Jayne Libby

Co-opted Committee  Member,  Tom Dee

Ordinary Committee member, Suzanne Larcorte Slee

Ordinary Committee member, Jo Ashburner

Ordinary Committee member, Gerald Henry

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