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Internal Competition Guidelines for 2023/24

There will be seven internal club competitions during the 2023/24 season, with the first one on September 23. The table below shows the relevant hand-in dates for the season, the competition dates and the judges. Internal club competitions are open to all fully paid-up club members. You can enter up to two digital images (pdi's) and/or up to two prints on any subject into each internal club competition. These can be colour and/or mono.


An image can be used in club competitions up to a maximum of four times, once in each of the following categories: Mono PDI - Colour PDI - Mono Print - Colour Print.


NB: The marks for these entries will be used to determine the Photographer of the Year.Members should note that entering fewer than the specified number of images and or competitions will result in fewer points at the end of the year. The winner will be announced and awarded at the club's AGM in May. There will be a PDI Photographer Of The Year, and a Print Photographer Of The Year. Prints should be mounted on a board measuring 50cm x 40cm. Please put the Print's Title on the back. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE PRINT for internal club competitions.


Digital Images (pdi's) should be sent as a jpeg that is 1920px wide max by 1200px high max, and each image must be titled. They should be sent to the Internal Competition Secretary by email (see below).Any PDI’s that do not conform to the required dimensions will be returned to the club member to change to the correct format. The Internal Competition Secretary will not change any image. This is to protect both parties in case any changes affect the quality of the image. If any member needs help with the sizing or the preparation of their work, please ask. All Images must be the work of the photographer and not copied from other photographs, works of art or other documents. All Images will be marked out of 20.


The Image with the highest mark will win first place in each section. In the event of a tie, the judge will decide on the winner. The overall winning image will be awarded an extra point. i.e., 21 points instead of 20 points. All images must be handed in by the relevant competition's hand-in date which will be 3 weeks before the date of the competition. Late entries cannot be accepted. This is to allow time for the images and the relevant paperwork to be prepared and sent to the judge for them to have at least two weeks to assess all the images entered.


The Internal Competition Secretary reserves the right to amend these guidelines whenever necessary. Entry into the competition implies acceptance of these guidelines. Please note you can enter your images as early as you like. There is no need to leave it to the last minute!!

Internal Competition Secretary - Dave Williams [Email Address -].

Internal Competition Dates for 2023/24

Note 1
Once again, there will be two extra competitions held this season. One will be the now annual Simon Jones Memorial Monochrome to be held on 13th December 2023, and will be judged by Dai Knight of Bridgend and Baglan CC. The hand-in date for this competition will be 22nd November 2023.
This will be a stand-alone competition, where the images entered will NOT count towards Photographer Of The Year. As it says in the title, it will be mono images only.
Further details will follow nearer the time.

Note 2
The other competition will be to award Print and PDI Image Of The Year.
Club members will be invited to enter what they consider to be their two best images. These images must be chosen from images that were entered into this season's club competitions 1 through to 7 (see dates above). There will be one winner in the print section and one in the PDI section.
This competion will be held on 15th May 2024. Hand-in date for this competition is the 24th April 2024. Judge will be Tony Bryham, LRPS, DPAGB, AWPF. Hanham/Kingswood CC.
Further details will follow nearer the time.

Download the competition guidelines [here].

Updated 10/08/2023
Martin GJ Smith
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